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Melanie Stoneman and Maryann Bearheels

MELANIE STONEMAN (Wakinyan Ska Wi—White Lightning Women) and MARYANN BEARHEELS (Ta Oyate Waste Wi—Her Good Nation Women) are Sicangu Lakotas from Rosebud, South Dakota. They will share a discussion on Native American Community Genetics: Learning Our Oral Traditions, Creation Stories, Spiritual Food & Bear Dance.

“Our Lakota way of life starts with our creation stories and oral traditions that have been handed down over 500 years. We are creating awareness about our Indigenous environmental issues through our teachings of the water, buffalo, and bear teachings. Re-vitalizing our spiritual and physical being as Lakota women is vitally important to our future generations. Lakota community genetics is an overall look at how we are able to re-birth our nation utilizing our sovereignty and inherent rights to protect our ceremonies and women. We are the backbone to our nation and the umbilical cord to our earth.”