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MARIA GUADALUPE ABUNDIS DE DIAS (LUPITA) has dedicated her life to the Sacred Initiatic Tradition for her own spiritual and human evolution and for the benefit of those who surround her. She graduated with a Masters Degree in primary education in 1982 and she entered the Initiatic path and became a student in the lineage of Dr. Serge Raynaud De La Ferriere In 1998. She currently works with many women's groups and has helped organize many women's gatherings at both the national and international levels, having lived in the United States, Mexico, and Venezuela. Lupita is a member of “Insignias Aztecas”, a non-profit organization promoting and preserving the tradition and teachings of the Aztec dance.

She  has participated at the Shoshone-Kumiai Ghost Dance in Escondido, California and has participated in the “Magos de La Tierra” seminar with Jose Arguelles in Chile and Portland, Oregon. Lupita is currently a member of S.O.S.C.H.I. (Sovereign Solar Order of Chichen Itza), an organization promoting peace and the spiritual development of individuals for the benefit of all humanity and L.H.A.S.S.A. (the Academy of Ancestral Wisdom).

Maestro Domingo Dias Porta and Maria Guadalupe Abundis De Dias (Lupita)

MAESTRO DOMINGO DIAS PORTA was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1930. Under his guidance, the Initiatic Sovereign Solar Order of Chichaan Itzaab (S.O.S.X.I.) has developed in different places in Venezuela, Mexico, the United States, Europe and Peru. He has founded and organized cultural and spiritual activities in almost all countries in the Americas, in 10 European countries, in Israel and in Morocco.

He is the founder of the Association of the Solar American Indian (M.A.I.S.) Movement of Cultural Approach to the Autonomous Traditions and Peoples of the Continent. He is also the founder of “Acción por la Unidad Mundial” (A.U.M. - Action for Global Unity), a movement of International Cultural Integration to promote a culture of peace through dialogue of personal transformation, through exchange of knowledge, and joint participation in activities and programs (both on the individual and group level).